More profitable

The FeelFree rental system is targeted toward the growing number of people accustomed to staying in 4- and 5-star hotels and aparthotels. Therefore, the potential earnings from short-term holiday lettings are greater than conventional rentals. Depending on the apartment/house and the season, property owners can earn between 25% and 60% more, including expenses, than conventional long-term rentals.

No-risk advance payment

There is no risk involved with tenant payment. The entire rental fee is paid when the tenants check into the apartment. Renters are also required to leave a security deposit in the unlikely event of damage.

Better care for your home

Contrary to popular belief, short-term renters are more likely to take better care of your home. Often when a property is rented out for long periods, significant repairs are required afterwards.

Enjoy your own home

You can still enjoy your property. Any time you want to use your home yourself, or simply prefer not to rent it out for a period of time, simply block out those dates, provided no previous booking for that period has been made.

No time commitment

There is no minimum time commitment for listing your property with FeelFree. You are free to stop working with us whenever you like. Your only obligation is to respect any bookings that have already been made. If you like, you can list your property with us on a no-commitment trial basis and see what you think. The only thing that is permanent is the quality of our service.


FeelFree targets a growing number of people who generally stay in 4- and 5-star hotels and aparthotels. They are mainly tourists, mostly couples and families, who might find a holiday apartment or vacation home more economical and comfortable than staying in a hotel or aparthotel. Our client base also consists of company employees and managers who travel on business to exhibitions, courses, etc. Both groups come primarily from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the US and Northern Europe.

Immediate confirmation

All bookings are immediately confirmed to prevent overbooking.

Other advantages with FeelFree

The property owners we work with enjoy discounts on all of the properties listed on our website, and can take advantage of special offers at all of our destinations.

Managment tools, confidentiality and clear information

Complete information on reservations, available dates, etc will save you time and maximize your profits. The Owners backoffice allows you to access information on sales, dates and availability, and give you total control over your holiday rental property.

So, what are you waiting for?

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